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Cut up your hair. Straighten your curls.

Well, your problems hide in your curls.

5 February 1988
addie pray, alice in wonderland, amature artists, animals, animation, apple cinnamon smells, arguing with myself, babies, baby animals, badfic, basset hounds, beanies, being in charge, black cats, blossom, boobs, bubbles, buttercup, cats, chihuahuas, comics, corgis, crime, dancing, dandy boys, day dreaming, death note, death proof, delta utah, dib, disco, diversity, doodling, dorks, dwarf hamsters, elvis presley, english bulldogs, evil, fan fiction, feminism, feminists, femslash, ferrets, fluffy animals, flying, franz ferdinand, gaz, geeks, geeky gals, geeky guys, girls with glasses, girly girls, girly men, goats, grindhouse, guinea pigs, guys with glasses, hair dye, harvest moon, hats, icecream in the hallways, invader zim, jamming, kill bill, killing fictional characters, kittens, l, laughing, laughing at myself, lgbt, life, lolita fashion, lolitas, making pouty faces, making weird faces, man bitches, manic panic, medusa, modest mouse, mojo jojo, msnbc, munchkin the dog, murder, nerds, new experiences, no_country_for_old_men, oh no cop lights!, paper moon, people watching, photography, planet terror, playing god in fanfiction, politics, powerpuff girls, pugs, pulp fiction, punky hair, puppies, quentin tarantino, reading, reality television, rocking, rolling my eyes, rozen maiden, rune factory, scrunching my nose, slash, smiling, soundtracks, souseiseki, south park, talking to myself, tattoos, the clash, the white stripes, tiffany pollard, titus, tomboys, torturing amy, torturing fictional characters, traveling, uma thurman, vajayjays, vanilla smells, velvet revolver, villains, weenie dogs, women who play bass, women who play drums, women who play guitar, women who rock, writing, yaoi, yuri, zoe bell