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This journal is Friends Only! O:

Just leave a comment to be added. ^^ I'm not very picky, and not all of my entries will be "friends only," but most will be. I just don't want stalkers figuring out where I live and stuff like that lol. xD; If you're already me friend, don't worry about commenting. :3

New LJ

My puppy

So I got to keep my puppy.  Sort of....  at first my dad pretty much completely banned the dog from the house, so I had a friend watch her for me... when she couldn't really keep her, I begged my dad again.  So I have her... he just doesn't ever want to see her.  Basically, whenever he's home, she's confined to my room.  And she has to spend like 2 nights week and all weekends at a babysitter's house.  Since that's when I have work and my dad threatens to take her to the pound the very second I'm not with her. :/ 

But she's still mine. <3

Me and Fable hanging out outside, and Fable looking down at the cat all cute while on my bed.


Fable taking a nap with my girlfriend, Kimberly.    And Fable in all her adorable cuteness! <3

I love her so much.  She is my precious little angel.  She is so smart and so cute.  She is so strong and spunky, too!  We still don't know what breed mix she is... I'm guessing a terrier mix.  She definitely has like a Pit bull face.  But she's sooo tiny and not pit sized at all.  We guess she won't get bigger than 20-30 pounds.  She's still under 10 lbs and is about 3 months old.  I call her "the mini pit bull," lol.  But since veterinary/animal practices have a biased view on pits, we have her legally down as "terrier mix."

Isn't she pretty?!

Mar. 4th, 2010

I was supposed to finish up and post a one-shot on Monday.  But I've been waaayyyy too unexpectedly busy.

My girlfriend texted me at work on Sunday to let me know that her sister found a box full of puppies.  Abandoned, taped up, with one small little air-hole, and sitting next to the trash can waiting for the garbage man to come along.  Her nephew was playing outside and noticed the box moving, and so they investigated.

They knew that I wanted a puppy for the longest so they asked Kimberly to tell me the puppies' situation.  They got rid of all but one to co-workers and friends.

I brought her home, but my dad isn't happy.  At this point, I don't know if I can keep her.  Kimberly's sister said she'd take the puppy back and hold onto her for me until I move out, as long as I pay for all the expenses.  So... she's mine for sure, but I just don't know if my dad will let her stay in the house. :(

I hope so.  She's doing just fine and she gets along so well with my other dogs.

I named her Fable.

She's tiny, black and white and full of spunk. <3

I want to post pictures, but... I dunno... I'm trying not to be too excited about her because I don't want myself to get too horribly depressed and sad when/if my dad says "no."

OH YEAH... AX 2010

I'm officially going to Anime Expo '10!

Danny is toooooo.

And so is my friend David and hopefully my other friend Jeff!

I hope we can all save up monies and get a hotel room together!  It'd make things so much easier since we'll be there for all 4 days.


Anywayyyys... so so far in my group is ME, Danny, David and Jeff.  If anyone wants to join our group this year just let us know! :D

I hope another girl joins! D:

Though I suppose David could be almost a girl.

POOR JEFF.  ONLY STRAIGHT PERSON IN GROUP.  We need another one of those, too! xD

I'm trying to convince Kimberly to come, too.  But every time I bring it up or ask, she's like "HA!"

JERK! :(
Dear Karissa:

You are invited to continue in the recruitment process for the ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER (Non-Sworn) position with the City of Newport Beach.  The next stage in the recruitment process will be a written exam.

Written exam = today.  It's supposed to be like 2+ hours long.  Talk about intense. D:

I would love to be an animal control officer.  It would actually be a dream come true.  I love being a vet tech, but I miss the good-bonding feeling I had with the animals.. which I had as a kennel worker.  I think being an officer might be a great combination of the two.

Also I'd have an actual "career" that my dad would approve of... one with medical benefits and such. Mehhh...

I have no idea what's going to be on that test though.  The top scoring candidates on today's test are passed and asked back for interviews.  It would feel great if I just made it that far.  I'm definitely expecting a lot of people to be there today. :/

Wish me luck. :(;p;

Boys like fire apparently

Yesterday I realized that I could never.... ever.... be a boy. xD;

Well not a boy, but, really just... masculine.  Cuz I guess technically, my girlfriend isn't a boy, but she's a part of this epiphany, haha.

So.  Kimberly and I went to my friend Jeff's house yesterday.  I had introduced Kim to Jeff before because both of them wanted to start an Indie band... and he plays the drums and she sings and plays the guitar, and they like the same bands, so it sounded perfect.

Well, anyways, we went to Jeff's so the two could practice together.

I sat on a frumpy old sofa in the garage and watched my girlfriend play the guitar, while she tried to help some guy named Steven tune his.  I looked in front of me and Jeff was on his drums banging away like a maniac and being... all sweaty and gross.  And then I looked just behind him, and in the corner, Jeff's 17-year-old nephew named Joey is lighting something on fire.

He was lighting. things. on.  FIRE.

Just.  Random.... things. ....ON FIRE.


And I realized that... boys (and boyish girls)... are fucking crazy.

New Video Blog/Project

So, I think I want to start a new video blog. 

I really enjoyed making the youtube videos I have... but I don't have time to animate anymores really.  A friend suggested to me that I should start a video blog... however... wtf would I talk about?? Lol.

So... I need topics!

24 Questions with Bobby

Ask me a question about anything, and I will add it to the list.  Ask me about my life, ask me for my opinion on something, ask to see something (hey, keep it clean though, dudes >>;), ask me about fandom or my fan fiction or whatever!  Basically, just ask me something interesting and I'll add it to the list bellow.  I want 24 questions.  Eventually, I will try and answer them all. O:  Why 24?  I have no idea.  It felt like a good number.

I'll answer whatever ones I feel like first, and not in any special order.  As soon as I answer one, it will be on youtube and I will cross it off the list!


All donated questions are greatly appreciated! :D


Yesterday my girlfriend took me out for a romantic sushi dinner. Omg.... I stuffed my fat face... it was so delicious! xD;

We were celebrating Valentine's Day since I worked on the actual holiday. It was also our 5 month anniversary.

Even though we agreed to celebrate Valentine's on the 15th.... she still surprised me at work with a bouquet of roses on the 14th! She drove all the way to my clinic in Port Hueneme! She lives in Diamond Bar.... for those who don't know... that's really far! Like a 2 hour drive. I felt so bad my clinic was that far that day.... if only I had been doing my usual Los Angeles run... but I guess Dr. Smith had requested I work with him... sooo... all the way to Ventura I went. Ahhh... I still can't believe she went that far to give me roses! :DDDD

So yesterday at dinner.... she gave me my Valentine's gift. A cute little charm bracelet! OMG... but she made it herself. I couldn't believe that she did because... it's so perfect! I thought she meant she bought the bracelet and the charms and put it together like that... but no! She MADE THE BRACELET. Her mom makes jewelery, so I suppose she helped her. It's so gorgeous! It has my birthstones dangling all along it... and 6 charms:  a butterfly, sushi, ballet slippers, T-Rex, a paw print and a little charm that says "Made With Love."

*cries* She knows me so well! D:

I know the lighting is horrible, but this is the best my phone can do, lol.

I love her so much. <3

In other news~

Still waiting to hear about that promotion.  *keeps fingers crossed*  Hopefully sometime this week.  I passed the interview and the area manager seems to really like me... she just needs approval from corporate... so hopefully that goes well.  They might want to hire someone new outside the company though... ughhh... I HOPE NOT. :(


I've been writing.  Kind of like... all over the place.  Hopefully I will finish a chapter of... SOMETHING.  Lol, but I would say I have like 15%of a new chapter completed of everything I had been working on before I went on hiatus.  I should really start to focus on just one, should I not?
- Up for a promotion at work. If I get this.. I can finally move out on my own.
- On hiatus with school because my program has too many students and it's hard to find the classes I need to take. Plus my family is financially shitty right now.
- Started writing fan fiction again.... very... very... slowly.
- Will be celebrating 5 months with Kimberly. She's still as sweet as ever. <3
- My birthday's tomorrow lols (as is my interview for the promotion).
- My hair is the prettiest pink it cold ever be right now haha.

I used Atomic Pink, diluted with cotton candy pink. These pics are taken about 2 1/2 months after dying. (Dyed it the week before Christmas or so... and took these pics today.)

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